My Secret Mom Confessions

imgres-1Although, I guess now they are not so secret . . .

–  Sometimes I tell the boys that I have to go to the washroom but I am really just reading magazines in there with the door closed.

–  I secretly love delegating chores around the house to the boys that I hate doing, like cleaning out the compost bin.

–  I have this awesome magnet on the fridge (it says: Hopes and dreams would only distract me from making these awesome casseroles!) and there are days that I just need to look at it.

–  When one of my boys has a temper tantrum, I sometimes make-believe that I am an undercover special agent responsible for talking a mad-man into sparing the human race,

– And if that doesn’t work, I scream FUCK YOU in my head while I smile sweetly and calmly say in a sing-song voice: “Let me know when you’re done having your temper tantrum.”

8 thoughts on “My Secret Mom Confessions

  1. I wish the bathroom thing worked for me. Not only do I have girls, who are somehow born knowing that bathroom trips are meant to be a party, the lock on the door is broken. Siiiiiiiiigh!

    • Admittedly, I have come VERY close to saying it out loud too but instead I do the exact opposite of what I am feeling and get all sweety-sweety on them. Oh, the games that I play 🙂

    • One of the perks of having kids. They complain to me and say: “You make me do everything around here!” and I say, “Well, why do you think your dad and I had you???”

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