Facebook Memes and Me

I love it when facebook memes capture perfectly the particular brand of hell I’m experiencing on any given day.  Biting sarcasm, irony that hits you over the head with a hammer, just a dash of mean-spiritedness: these can all be balm to a frustrated soul.  If I can laugh at myself, and even share the meme so that others know that I can laugh at myself, so much the better.

But sometimes the humour cuts too close to the bone, you know?



I don’t know if I want to admit to being Cruella Deville, even when I feel like her.  Regressing to Cruella is not share-worthy.  No matter how many times I have, in fact, turned into Cruella, I don’t think I want to broadcast it.  This meme is clearly mocking the extremes by which we measure our mothering, but I’m far more comfortable mocking myself for being in the Mary Poppins camp than in Cruella’s.  Even in irony, we still prefer to see ourselves in the perfect rather than the fallen state.

And what’s this one supposed to mean?  That it’s always a weekend for moms?  Or that moms never get a break, even on the weekend?  There’s a little bit of truth in both interpretations, actually.  But, wait, isn’t it a bit of a first world problem to complain about not having a weekend?  I don’t want to complain, I just want to be cleverly sarcastic.  I just want uncomplicated humour!  And clearly, if a facebook meme has me puzzling about what this really all means it’s not doing its job of keeping me wryly amused for a minute until I can get back to the pressing matters of motherhood.

All of which to say, it’s great when facebook gives me the gift of uncomplicated humour that gives me a sense of solidarity with other mothers, but there are days when the joke is on me.

(All memes culled from the wonderful People I Want to Punch in the Throat.)


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  1. The last one is definitely because the hard work of a mom is usually on the weekend. I often find myself looking forward to Monday and going back to the office just to do a couple of things during the day that don’t revolve around somebody else! 🙂

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