Finishing The Bag: 5 treats that I can’t stop eating!

“Is this really half-eaten candy sitting in your cupboard?”  Nathalie asked me this as she reached for a glass.

“Oh.  That.  Yup.  I guess I should toss it.”

“You can actually have half-eaten candy in your house?”

I have, what one would call, a non-committal relationship with food.  In truth, it wasn’t until I became a mom and other human beings depended on me for food that I actually started to care about what I ate.  Before that, I ate to survive and barely gave it a second thought.  Days would go by before I would realize that all I had eaten was toast and fruit.   Rest assured all you parents of picky eaters, miracles do happen and I now joyfully eat a variety of foods.

Junk food has always been a cohabiter of mine.  I grew up with a junk food cupboard (always accessible, rarely pilfered) and there is one in our house, accessible to the boys (most often ignored; stale treats are regularly purged into the garbage).  I can take it or leave it.

Until I have to take it.

“And so I just said, fuck it, and made the commitment to finish the bag!”  – Beth-Anne Jones on inhaling a large bag of peanut M&Ms after a seven year hiatus of all things peanutty and chocolate.

And now I present to you the list of treats I have gorged on and never want to eat again and/or avoid like the plague because I don’t want to go down that sweet, salty road to stomachache hell (again):


World Famous Chocolate Covered Almonds

I bought $20 worth from my cousin after my boyfriend bought a box and refused to share them with me.  He ate one box and I ate however many $20 bought me.  We got married and share everything except chocolate-covered almonds.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Third-year university.  150 Halloween sized peanut-butter cups.  No trick-or-treaters knocked on our door.  Three hours later: nothing but wrappers.  Side note: this was a team effort.


Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts

After making their much-anticipated Canadian debut, I ate 6 glazed donuts in a 12-hour period.  I have never met fried dough that I didn’t like but K.K. and I parted ways after they pulled out of the donut game (in my neighbourhood) – lucky for my jeans and me.


President’s Choice Chocolate Fudge Crackle (Vanilla)

There have been wars waged in this house over proper scooping etiquette.  Dig out the chocolaty goodness or equal mix of ice cream and crackle?  It’s no longer allowed across the threshold because someone can’t control himself/herself when it’s in the freezer. . . it’s not me.


Coconut-filled Hershey’s Kisses

My latest obsession, not yet available in Canada.  This is what I have consumed while writing this post.


The bag is empty.  I can rest now.

How about you?  What is your weakness?  Does all of this treat talk have you thinking about Halloween?  Follow 4Mothers1Blog on Pinterest for easy-peasy Halloween décor, costumes you can wear outside of the boudoir and baked goods that even I could make!

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The Perfect Summer Treat!

I love the summer.  After spending much of the year indoors and swaddled in parkas and such, it’s nice to feel the warm breeze on bare legs and leisurely walk the neighbourhood streets.

When you live in a colder climate, the minute the weather starts to turn, people take to the streets, patios become the site of crowded socials and even a few eager-beavers don their summer footwear*.

The other thing about summer that makes me smile is ice cream.  I am a firm believer that ice cream should be enjoyed year round.  My university roommate and I could easily take down a tub at one sitting – at any given moment.  (As an aside: we also ate more peanut butter cups at Halloween than anyone I have ever known.)

Alas, my metabolism seems to forget that ice cream was my first love.  If you are like me and love ice cream (but it’s not loving you like it used to) fear not . . . I have discovered the BEST TREAT OF SUMMER 2011!

Nestle has come out with a 110 calorie mini-drumstick in a variety of flavors including . . .cookie dough!

What makes this the perfect treat, aside from the ridiculously low calorie count and how tasty they are, is that it’s ideal for sharing with your kids.

The mini cone is perfect for little hands to wrap around, the slighter portion is perfect for little tummies and the smaller than-a-trip-to-the-parlor price tag is perfect for my little wallet!

Thanks to my soon-to-be sister-in-law for sharing these with the boys!  Sure to be a big hit this summer!

*  Please, please, please, people.  Stop showing your cracked, dry, scaly, unpedicured toes in your sandals while the trees are still devoid of their leaves.  It’s enough to scare spring away.